Summer Holiday Programme News

We are delighted to announce that Compton Verney are hosting a two day holiday club on the grounds of The Clearing . Joining us shall be members of Shipston Youth Club who we met last year during the Light Up Project at Compton Verney.

The two days are full of outdoor activities which involve discovering what it might take to survive in the future should we find ourselves without electricity (No Phones?!! No XBox?!! No Netflix?!!), or perhaps without our usual food supplies (No Nandos!?! No McDonalds?!?). But alas, here you will have the chance to make Pizza in a Cob Oven, built from sand clay and straw and learn how to effectively start a fire to cook the Pizza. There are also plenty of opprtunities to learn a ton of other survival related things over the course of our two day trip in to what could be the future….!

Join us on Saturday the 19th and Sunday 20th August.

Transport Provided

Cost: £10.00

To book a space please contact:

Hayley Ash, Youth Worker

07581 235 802